Classes – Reiki Level 2 –

TBA 4- 6 hours starting at 11 am

  • Reiki level two attunement
  • learn the first three symbols
  • learn protection
  • increase energy flow

Contact Francine at to register (note $25 due with registration)

Cost $ 75 includes notebook and certification


Energy is primarily transmitted through thought and intention. Thinking activates electrical and chemical processes and thus influences the physical body.

 Successful energy work: always work from the heart with  pure  intention

Energy Body Workout – provides perceptive on energy body maintenance and support 

  1. Perform  energy body exercises to support the energy body
  2. Create sacred space and alter- invite energy to participate in healing, a sanctuary where you can feel safe, a place to relax and recharge – body, mind, and spirit, will demonstrate how to make an alter
  3. Cleanse aura with white sage (technique may also be used for house cleaning,  and cleansing space- smudging – cleanse the area around the body- any energy that does not support my higher self-release into the air
  4. Include a chant to encourage bringing about centering – Chant
  5. Drumming, rattling, or sing bowel- increase vibration – induce uplifting feeling and peace (participant will try all three to determine which ones resonate with them).
  6. Provide nutrient to the seven main chakras- chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning vortex of energy, the vortex of energy is associated with a physical part, endocrine gland, and color.
  7. Provide a  technique to remove anything that does not support your higher self, remove unwanted hurt, pain, disappointment, bad relationship, etc.

What to bring to the energy body workout class?

Something comfortable to sit on. Pillow, blanket, cushion, etc.

If you intend to create a sacred altar, bring objects of meaningful value to you

Drum or rattle (facilitator will have three available drums or rattle)

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Bring an open mind

Paper and pen

Be mindful of others and do not wear any strong perfume, spray, or aftershave, oils.

Thank you

A peaceful world begins now with you. The above technique will provide you with the skills to enhance your wellbeing.